Tuesday, October 18, 2005



1. FOR THURSDAY . Finish reading first 139 pages of McChesney and
post an email up to 200 words discussing it. What are his main issues?
Solutions? What does he see as impact on media and society? Also, read up
on the Judy Miller NYTimes case based on Densmore.s Wednesday web posting.

2. Get your list of Giraffe profiles to Densmore soon . must write at
least two for credit for the course.

3. MID-TERM EXAM: Agreed that you can bring in a maximum of one
page, one side of notes (not writing) to the exam. Densmore will hand out
up to 10 questions on Tuesday, Oct. 25 and post on the website. You will
write three . two self-selected and one assigned on the morning of class
by Densmore.

4. FINAL EXAM: The final exam will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 20,
from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Details on format to come. But I can tell you
right now what the topic is likely to be: You.ll be asked to discuss some
of the .issues in journalism. we.ve covered in class. To give a
perspective on what.s wrong with media today and ideas for fixing it. Who,
or what, is to blame, and what or who is the key to the solution?

(also to be done by student)


1. Judith Miller / Valerie Plame . set up for Thursday discussion .
the most important .Issue in Journalism. today. Will post a guide to the
issue by Wednesday at noon.

2. Discussed ABC nuclear power story (handout)
3. Discussed the Objectivity handouts POSTPONED TO THURSDAY
4. Listened to Bob McChesney to help with his book

Major McChesney points/rhetoric

1. Media system not .natural.

2. Subsidies maintained by .corrupt special interests.
-- FCC regulation of airwaves . what else
-- Behind closed doors
-- Get seat at the table .throw out bumbs.
-- .Corruptly behind closed doors.
-- One newsroom serving a city

3. More competitive local media and more diverse, vibrant non-profit

4. Social justice and equity in addition to changing media; need
viable democracy

5. DISCUSSION: Why does McChesney talk this way? Is it effective?

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