Friday, October 14, 2005

OPPORTUNITY: Boston Phoenix media columns highlights 10 young journalists

To get a sense of some of the opportunities in the journalism/media world, link to this column by Boston Phoenix media columnist Mark Jurkowitz. Mark painstakingly gathered photos and interviews with 10 people who he spotlights. He writes:

"With the news industry at a confusing crossroads, one thing is certain: no matter how information is delivered, the future belongs to skilled journalists who can report, edit, and deliver it. The people on this list — culled from many sources — may not be household names. Some may be known only in their own households. But they are ambitious, committed, and talented. They have made their mark at a young age, have the potential for bigger and better things, and may well have a role in helping set the course of the media industry in the years and decades to come. We talked to them about their lives and careers, hopes and concerns. And about why they were drawn to journalism."

Do you see yourself as one of these people in 15 years? If not, why not?

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