Wednesday, October 12, 2005

CLASS NOTES: Tuesday, Oct. 4

-- Finished consideration of Project Censored; listened to Media Giraffe
Project interview with project director Peter Phillips.

MINI-ISSUE: Discussed the problems of judging crowd size
as in the recent anti-war march in Washington. (See blog

ONGOING ISSUE: We discussed judging crowd size asn an
issue of objectivity.


-- Is "objectivity" about the point of view of the writer, or is it about
the method of discovering information?
-- The "objective" account keeps the writer out of the story?
-- Gets "both sides"?

We also looked at an article about the Bush administration's plans for
Cuba post-Castro and talked about how The AP reporter chose which sources
to emphasize. Cuba vs. U.S. interests is only one frame -- the one chosen.
But the key to the frame is which sources are chosen.

We then briefly discussed the assigned reading in the AP
Stylebook on media law.

We previewed a discussion of Copyright vs. Larry Lessig.


For Thursday of this week -- read the Lessig piece and the review of the
Wisdom of crowds handed out last week

Read the Haswell case for Tuesday.

For next THURSDAY read 1-137 of the McChesney book

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