Monday, October 17, 2005

ASSIGNMENT/SCHEDULE: Class Notes assigned for the next three weeks

Here are the agreed "note takers" in class for the next three weeks. The
assignment is to email to me within a couple of days after class, a BRIEF
summary of the discussion and assignments. You will be graded based on the
accuracy of your account and your analysis and commentary. This is neither
a news story nor minutes, it's an account with added thoughts -- your own.
Anywhere from 150 words to 300 words is fine. I'll post it to our weblog.

Tues., Oct. 18 -- Nichole
Thur., Oct. 20 -- Emily
Tues., Oct. 25 -- Kara
Thur., Oct. 27 -- Jose
Tues., Nov. 1 -- Matt
Thur., Nov. 3 -- Sarah
Tues., Nov. 8 -- Steve

-- bill densmore

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