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CLASS NOTES: Nov. 22, 2005: Orwell Rolls in his Grave

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NOTES from watching the film: "Orwell Rolls in his Grave."

Conflict of Interest

- Mainstream media has changed political powers, from a democratic standpoint. One view is that not many people are aware of the enormous conflicts of interests, (GE, NBC, ABC, Disney, etc.)
- GE takes advantage of corporate welfare, as a result there are certain issues talked about, certain issue systems as a whole are off limits
- Conspiracy theory - unofficial sources, secrecy
- Ken Lay, CEO of Enron and George W. Busch cashed out their Enron stock the same way, Busch served on the board and made a profit of $848,000 from selling his stock.
- Why do mainstream media continue to choose not to cover serious allegations? (A-wall and inside trading) "See no evil news coverage"
- Why did Busch allow 140 Iraqi's flown out of the U.S just days after 9/11 with little or no questioning?
- "October Surprise" Delay of hostage release in Iran, until after the presidential election
- Neo conservative movement to influence the media, billions of dollars are being spent
- Small companies are out
- Fairness doctrine eliminated by Regan, no longer required to air both sides
- Clear channel bought Texas Rangers, made Busch a multi-billionaire
- Clear Channel banned Dixie Chicks for speaking out against Busch
- Everyone is looking for truth, the problem is the gate keepers of the truth are not the journalists but the editors
- At GE the wall between politics and journalism is broken
- Some stories disappear (CEO Fox, Enron Scandal), some are redundant (Monica Lewinsky)
- News media troubled election 2004 - NORC had 170,000 uncounted votes, but were not allowed to categorize their findings
- 12/24/00 - "Florida, Florida, Florida is over"
- Voter News service (ABC, AP, CBS) welcome to computer voting
- "Drive this democracy like you stole it"
- Michael Copps, FCC commissioner and democrat - vote to loosen media ownership rules, is voted on and passed along partisan lines 2 to 3
- 55 to 40 appealed the FCC
- Something is wrong here, were talking about a free world were living in
- If it's not reported, did it happen?
- Lies turn into truth

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