Monday, November 28, 2005

FILM NOTES: Part 2: Orwell Rolls in his Grave, shown Nov. 22, 2005


Why did GE buy NBC? To influence public policy, or to make a profit?
-- Insider trading and Harkin Energy -- was it really not covered?
-- Glossing over the coverage of George Bush's military record?
-- Chuck Lewis: "And that's where we are as a country -- it is very grim to
watch. It is really depressing."
-- Mark C. Miller -- Lockheed Martin all around.
-- What about somber music?
-- Joe at FX: If it happens but isn't covered, did it happen? Quotes Orwell
-- Mark C. Miller -- commercial free speech -- Mark Lloyd -- has first
amendment bee warped
-- End of Fairness Doctrine "partially responsible for the rise of right-wing
-- The Clear Channel effect
-- Does media not cover media issues in congress? threenetworks 19 minutes on
telcom act over nine months?
-- Narrator: "A few companies gain total control" over each new technology
eventually. .Will thishappen with the internet?
-- Is open access being replaced with closed access?
-- "An internet where anonymity is outlawed and every penny is accounted for
-- McChesney -- top of system crushing competition? New companies make it
harder for others to enter.

-- Chuck Lewis -- you don't do a story because it makes demographic sense
(NYTimes editor re starting demographic sections)
(get this clip)

-- FCC ownership rules changes in Feb. 2003 -- What happened next?
-- Dorgan -- FCC -- who do these changes benefit -- Eagle with TV newsroom?
Good or bad?
-- Miller: Did they mean free-speech rights for transnational corporations?
-- Miller: "If we don't have a media system for getting our word out, forget
it, we're completely screwed. We need antitrust activity."
QUESTION: Is competition from Craig's List, Google, Yahoo and the like making
anti-trust enforcement unnecessary. .
-- Chuck Lewis -- brief window before Internet is shut down. Threat to the

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