Tuesday, November 08, 2005

NOTES: McChesney Chapter 6: Media Policies and Media Reform

Government policies determine media systems in three ways:

-- The setting of technical standards (example, banking industry in the
current news; recently example rules for high-definition digital television)

-- Open access to cable: -- pg 217 -- an activists download
quality articles in their community if nobody is uploading it? Can
big-media reshape regulation of the net in ways which make it hard for
local media to flourish -- example, bill that would eliminate ability of
local communities to regulate public-access cable.

-- Laws about media ownership (anti-trust / FCC rules) affects value of
newspapers. See:

-- Telecom Act of 1996 -- more spectrum for incumbents --
especially radio -- see page 215

-- Laws that control copyright affect the amount of profit that copyright
owners can receive and how they control their assets (example: Mickey Mouse)

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