Sunday, November 06, 2005

FYI ONLY / LINKS: To Elizabeth Kolbert and global warming


When Mark Miller visited us on Thursday, he mentioned his view that global
warming is the most important single news story facing the planet.
Elizabeth Kolbert, a former New York Times journalist who now free-lances
for The New Yorker magazine and other publications, lives in Williamstown.
I am going to try to get her to come visit our class and talk about why
global warming is not covered on front pages daily.

Meanwhile, here are some links.

Here is a Sept. 19, 2005, update by Kolbert, from the New Yorker, on what
less Katrina teaches about global warming:

An interview on the New Yorker site with Kolbert about her series:

Link to a PDF download of the entire three-part series:

Story about scientific opposition to global-warming research:

An excellent blog report on the series:

Here is a very critical letter about Betsy's series, claiming she wrote "a long
editorial on behalf of government intervention to stamp out carbon dioxide."
It's written by Jude Wanniski, who died in August, and was a Wall Street
Journal op/ed columnist and "supply side economy" advisor to Reagan:

Here is a link to a teaching/curriculum resource site which does a nice job of
extracting Kolbert's series key points:

More blog reports:

Elizabeth Kolbert's fall, 2004, interview with New York Attorney General Eliot

Tom's Dispatch column about Kolbert's piece:

-- bill densmore

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