Thursday, November 10, 2005

News outlets need to explain how stories are put together,schanberg,69779,6.html

News outlets need to explain how stories are put together

Village Voice

Sydney Schanberg says journalism's most serious failure, probably, is its
reluctance to explain how reporters go about putting together a news
story. "This lack of openness about our tradecraft -- this
non-transparency -- is really the mother of most of the press's troubles,"
he writes. ALSO: "There are a lot of ways for reporters to professionalize
their craft. Admit your goofs quickly. When writing a complex story where
a lot of information is still missing, put a paragraph high up in the
piece telling the reader all the things that are still unknown to you.
That way, you avoid the 'voice of God' syndrome we are so often
justifiably criticized for."

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