Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ESSAY: McSweeney -- The future of media

Emily McSweeney
Issues in Journalism
Where is Media Headed?

Through the reading from McChesney.s book as well as the Eesha William's visit I have come to a few conclusions regarding where media is headed
now, and in the future. Media, in my opinion is headed to a more
computerized age, something that will be targeted mostly through computers
over the televised news and newspapers that we take so much for granted.
News and ways in which we currently look for news are on an uproar of
quickness, and accessibility. Today.s world, and the citizens that make
it up are on the go. We want our news fast, and easy; however, we still
need to be able to get accurate and correct news. If this continues, it
is my opinion that media will become more accessible to everyone, thus
being easier for the common man/woman to get a hold of. Computers are
taking over business, if the media fails to fall in line they will be
In Conclusion, the future of media all depends on what the current
outlets of media do to make their business last and be successful.
McChesney stressed the importance of blogs, blogs are something that will
take media and news to higher levels through their accessibility and the
fact that anybody can attribute to a news article. Everyone, and anybody
can get a blog; you have to want to though.

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