Saturday, October 29, 2005

ASSIGNMENT: Short readings to view Joe Trippi speech on Tuesday


Last night I watched a videotape of Joe Trippi's Oct. 5 speech at Williams
College and it was so relevant to the changes occurring in the media and
politics -- and to what Mike Dukakis talked about -- that I think we'll
show it in Tuesday's class instead of starting "Orwell Rolls in His

We'll spend about 15-20 minutes talking about Chapter 4 of the McChesney
book, and briefly about Dukakis, and then go to the Trippi video, which
is longer than that but we'll just stop it at the end of the class period.


To get up to speed on Joe Trippi please read his Giraffe profile:

And his Wikipedia entry:


And his personal blog bio:

And you could take a quick look at these sites:

Change for America:

And this blog post by an admirer of Trippi who suggests Trippi should get behind a constitutionalamendment for direct referenda. What are the opportunities or problems with this idea?

And if you really get interested in this, here is a link to a Dec. 2004
blog posting about an appearance by Trippi and Republican political
e-strategist Michael Turk at Harvard's Berkman Center for Law and Society:

Still more -- a long post by New York University journalism professor
Jay Rosen about Trippi's early-2004 appearance at an Internet conference in
California which dissects his arguments about the Internet and politics:

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