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CLASS NOTES: Tues., Oct. 25

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:45:18 -0400
Subject: Class Notes

Tuesday October 25th, 2005
Class Notes

Recieved two handouts: 1.COPYRIGHT: Can the White House control use of presidential seal? 2.SHIELD LAW:Defintion of journalists in bill exclude bloggers?

Class Assignments:
We recieved a handout on the mid-term questions for preperation for Thursdays exam, we must select one question to write about, and will be assigned an additional two randomly.
Tuesday - Read chapter four (pgs.138-174) "Age of Hyper Commercialism". Also, spending no more than half an hour define a blogger.
Thursday - Read chapter six of (pgs.251-on) Check class blog for questions posted to stimulate.
Next week we will also start reading "The Elements of Journalism", followed by a in class quiz. Ther other required text, available from Densmore is "We the Media", for $15.00.

We then had a roundtable discussion on various questions like;
1.Who owns government property?
2.Who owns the White House seal?
3. Under what authority does the White House have to say you can't use the seal.
4. Who gets to decide what is, or isn't appropriate.
We talked about "Thomas" legislation online, and the question of are we licensing journalists?

Class Discussion

Are journalists inadequate? (Control, coverage, decisions, etc.)
McChesney design similar to bloggers with no government control.
Profit vs. News
Gossip vs. Govt. News
What is the volume of news?
Discussed what is unproffessional, calling attention to the notion. "Stir the pot".
If McChesney's mission is to reform media, is his rhetoric effective? Will it change anything?
A couple of specifics which were pointed out was in the Mchesney book pg.29 - the writings of Jefferson Adams and his letter. "The basis of our governent being the opinion of people..."

Check out:
Beat the press on channel two WGBH, the program runs one hour reviewing different press reviews, such as: lay offs at the Boston Globe & Old Herald American.

"Analysis of media coverage of the week's events. This week: the New York
Times publishes a tell all on the Judith Miller case, the Globe and Herald
face challenging business environments.

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