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EXAMPLE:'s email to members discussing AP-Jennifer Loven's "straw man" story

This is a copy of an email received by MoveOn.ORG listserve subscribers about The AP's March 19, 2006 story on President Bush's "straw man" rhetorical technique.

From: Noah T. Winer, Civic Action [] Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 4:22 PMSubject: Right wing attacks AP for watchdog reporting

The AP provided a stellar example of strong watchdog journalism this week by detailing how President Bush defines his opponents' positions inaccurately in speeches, then knocks them down. The right wing is furious and is calling for the AP reporter to be fired.

Can you defend watchdog journalism by thanking the AP for this story?

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Dear Media Action member,Some reporters take notes on what President Bush says and don't bother to research what is and isn't true. But the AP took a bold step this week and engaged in exactly the sort of strong watchdog journalism MoveOn Media Action members have been calling for.The story, called "Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches," details how President Bush defines his opponents' positions in a way that "bears little resemblance to their actual position" and then knocks down those fake arguments.1The right wing is already attacking the AP for publishing this story and is trying to intimidate the journalist, Jennifer Loven, by attacking her personally.2 Those attacks could muzzle hard-hitting stories in the future unless the AP gets positive feedback from the public at large.Read the news story, then thank reporters at the AP for this sort of strong watchdog journalism.First, read the story:

Then, write to the AP by clicking here: The AP provides stories to thousands of newspapers worldwide, so your positive comments can have a huge impact. Take a couple minutes to read the full story before writing a thoughtful, polite comment from the heart. The more personal your note is, the more effective it will be.AP reporter Jennifer Loven examined a pattern of President Bush debating against opposing arguments no one is making—like "Some say that if you're Muslim you can't be free"—to make his opponents look unreasonable and to avoid the real debates. Here's an excerpt:
"When the president starts a sentence with "some say" or offers up what "some in Washington" believe, as he is doing more often these days, a rhetorical retort almost assuredly follows.
"The device usually is code for Democrats or other White House opponents. In describing what they advocate, Bush often omits an important nuance or substitutes an extreme stance that bears little resemblance to their actual position.
"He typically then says he "strongly disagrees"—conveniently knocking down a straw man of his own making.Bush routinely is criticized for dressing up events with a too-rosy glow. But experts in political speech say the straw man device, in which the president makes himself appear entirely reasonable by contrast to supposed "critics," is just as problematic...
"A specialist in presidential rhetoric, Wayne Fields of Washington University in St. Louis, views it as "a bizarre kind of double talk" that abuses the rules of legitimate discussion.
"It's such a phenomenal hole in the national debate that you can have arguments with nonexistent people," Fields said. "All politicians try to get away with this to a certain extent. What's striking here is how much this administration rests on a foundation of this kind of stuff."1
This AP story is a great example of the media we want: fearless reporting that explodes political deception and digs into the assertions of people in power to see if they are true. This is hard work, and it risks attack from political ideologues angry at being challenged.The right wing has responded to Loven's truth-telling by attacking her personally and demanding she lose her job.2 The enemies of journalism would rather the press serve as a lapdog to those in power. Before the AP turns tail in fear, we must prove the general public wants more fearless, watchdog journalism like Loven's "Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches."Can you read this strong watchdog reporting, then thank the AP? It's important to read the story first.

First, read the story at:, write to the AP by clicking here: Thank you for all you do.–Noah T. Winer and Adam Green MoveOn Media Action
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Sources:1. "Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches," Associated Press, March 18, 2006 "A New Low for Loven," Power Line blog, March 19, 2006

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I’m requesting all schools add two courses.
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2. The second course, the students return to their class. There they will work in groups, with the best student working with the students that need the most help (Math/English/History/language, etc) their teacher can support them while they are finishing their day’s homework. This will allow the teacher to work on her next day’s projects. When this last course is closed, it will be 5PM: The students are finished and don’t require going home with homework to do, the students are going home from a safe location (School) to another safe place (Home) where their parents should be home. The Teacher for the first time in their school teaching life can go home to his/her home and spend quality time with their families and not have to work on school work, because it’s finished.
This is a Win-Win situation: Contact everyone, school boards/Principals/ Senators/ Congressmen: Ignored by President

Climate: Changes
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