Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PODCASTING/POLITICS: Bypassing the journalism filter: A problem or opportunity?

Society of Professional Journalists: "Politicos embrace podcasting

Like many 24-year-olds, Matthew Slutsky keeps his iPod close at hand. He listens to it going to work, doing errands, walking down the street -- whenever he is 'on the go,' he says. But some of the most listened-to names in Slutsky's iPod are not today's hottest bands; they're politicians and political pundits. Every morning, he downloads the latest 'AfterNote,' a politics newscast from ABC, and listens to it on his way to his job at a political consulting firm. Slutsky also listens to former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards and to Al Franken, talk show host on the liberal Air America radio network. It makes perfect sense that politicians and pundits are embracing the new medium, in which audio files are downloaded from the Internet to an iPod, MP3 player or similar device. Podcasting, many politicians say, gives them direct access to their constituents and allows them to talk to voters without a 'media filter.' It also allows them to reach an audience that otherwise would not have the time or inclination to sit at a computer for the reports -- particularly technology-savvy young voters, a key demographic in nearly all elections.

Source: Cynthia H. Cho, The Los Angeles Times"

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